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Magnetic Appliance Cover Instructions

Quick Tips & Facts

  • The magnet skins will fit all Dishwasher & Refrigerator Models & Types.
  • Including: Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, French Door, Side by Side, with & without, water & ice makers.
  • The skins are shipped in a tube, as one whole sheet, that are extremely easy to cut & trim with scissors or a box cutter, to fit any appliance.
  • Note: Measure appliances top to bottom & left to right, then place the order.
  • The skin covers one whole area of a dishwasher or fridge.
  • To cover the front & the side of a fridge, two skins are required.
  • The skins will hug gradual curves, but not sharp edges or 90 degree angles.
  • If there are strips leftover from cutting the skin from top to bottom, those pieces, if wide enough, can be used for the doors edges.
  • If there is not enough skin leftover to cover the doors edges, a quick coat of spray paint or decorative duct tape, on the doors edges, works perfectly to blend in with the magnet skin.
  • Fridge handles can usually be removed so that the skin can be positioned & handles reattached. In some cases, cutting & trimming around the handles is required when handles cannot be removed.
  • Another option is to leave the handles off for a more custom look and use the side of the door to open and close. Or, give the handles a light dusting of a spray paint color of your choice for a more custom look.
  • Most dishwasher handles cannot be removed, again cutting & trimming around the handles is required.
  • If the appliance is not magnetic, use double sided tape on the back of the skin to make it stick to the appliance. (four strips of tape from top to bottom is usually enough)
  • The Magnet Skins Sticks Instantly & Can Be Removed & Reapplied Many Times.
  • Fingerprint Free & Very Durable Over Time.
  • Easily Wipes Clean with a Damp Cloth.
  • Hide Scuffs, Scratches & Small Dents Quickly
  • Protects Face Panel of Appliances
  • Works Great on The Sides of Refrigerators


Product Instruction Included in All Orders

  • The beauty of this product is that you can center it where you like and line it up according to your taste.
  • Carefully remove the skin from the tube, lay it flat on a clean surface to allow it to soften and become pliable.
  • (In colder weather it will take a little time to become room temperature so that it is not stiff) 
  • Note:  Do not forcefully try to relax the skin by rolling it Inside out or by bending it backwards as this will cause the print or laminate adhered to the skin, to stretch and bubble.
  • Prepare the surface of the appliance by making sure it is thoroughly clean, free of dirt and any grease or residues.
  • Use a 36” T square ruler or yardstick straightedge for measuring & cutting.
  • It is best to make long straight cuts with a sharp utility knife along the straightedge. Scissors can be used for non-straight cuts and trimming.
  • Note: Measure twice and cut once.  Check and recheck before cutting because the cut will be permanent.
  • If not comfortable with making cuts, we recommend calling a handyman or carpet installer. These professions have the tools and are familiar with making measured cuts so things fit.
  • Next, make a template of the front of the fridge from a large sheet of paper or cardboard. The basics are tracing the outlines and breaks of the fridge to the paper. (where the freezer and fridge meet and ice maker location) Then tape the template to the skin and cut where needed.
  • To cut the skin for the side of the fridge, place the skin on the side allowing the excess to stick out towards the back. The excess can be cut right on the fridge by running the box cutter from top to bottom letting the blade hit the back edge of the fridge as your straight edge. Super easy to cut!
  • Fridge handles can usually be removed to position and place the skin and then reattach the handles. Leave the handles off for a more custom look and use the side of the door to open and close. In some cases when the handles cannot be removed, cutting, and trimming around the handles is required
  • Clean the skin using a damp cloth with mild dish soap. Never use any chemicals or abrasives pads to clean as this can damage the skin.
  • Note: When working with the magnet skin keep the work area and the surface of the appliance completely free from dirt and small specs of dust, because the magnet skin will pick it all up.
  • If the magnet skin appears to bubble in areas when applied to the appliance, then the magnet skin has picked up dirt and is imprinting (dirt imprinting through the skin). If this happens, remove the magnet skin, clean magnet, and appliance thoroughly. Reapply.
  • Note: Customer & Product Reviews, We depend on our customers’ satisfaction to succeed therefore your 5 star review is very important to us.
    If you need further help from our magnetic application cover instructions, please contact us and we will work with you to solve any problems. support@bestapplianceskins.com

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