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Helpful Info

White magnet skin rolled up on a tube with a persons hand peeling back a corner to show the underneath side of the magnet skin being brown in color

What is a Magnet Skin

It is a Magnet Sheet called a Skin, Cover, Panel or Wrap that easily sticks magnetically to cover refrigerators and dishwashers. They are a fun, fast, easy way to decorate your appliances and instantly change the look of your kitchen.

Little girl with a big smile and playing with abc magnet letters on a white fridge front

How do I Use The Magnetic Skin

First check to make sure your appliance is magnetic before placing order. Then choose from a variety of images, colors and stainless steel covers. You Just Slap Them On and Instant Makeover! Don't forget to use them on the sides of refrigerators too!

two hands one holding down a magnet skin on a hard surface while the other hand is cutting the magnet cover with a box cutter

Will The Skins Fit My Appliances

The magnetic skin covers, fit all refrigerator & dishwasher models. The skins ship as one whole sheet, rolled up in a tube, that you unroll, cut and trim to fit your fridge or dishwasher. The skins are very easy to cut with scissors or a box cutter. All orders come with one page of easy instructions.

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