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Custom Sizes


for all custom sizes email or call us

if your appliance is bigger than our standard and xl sizes or you want to change the image size to fit more or  image flipped then choose a custom

we round to the nearest inch so you may still have to trim it if it is say 23 1/2 or 23 1/4 as an example

super easy to cut

$20 for dishwasher $30 for fridge

image flip or inverse $10

if you prefer the image head to be on the right instead of left example, ice maker may be in the way or could just be your personal preference

email or call us

if email details on what you would like to order and size and we can send an invoice via email for you to complete order.


you may want a custom size because your appliance is smaller or larger than the standard size, but that is not always necessary.

example if you order solid red it can easily be cut to the size you need. or if you order an image with a animal you may not want to cut into it if the will cut the image.

some images and patterns they are ok if you cut into them because you won't loose the general look or essence of the image