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Custom Magnetic Appliance Cover

  • You may think you need a custom magnetic appliance cover because your appliance is smaller or larger than the standard size skin that we offer but, it may not be necessary depending on what you are ordering.
  • Example, if you order a gloss red magnet skin and your appliance is smaller than our standard size then you can easily cut it to the size you need. The magnet skins are super easy to cut with a box cutter or scissors.
  • Some images and patterns look just fine after you cut and trim them because they will not lose the general look or essence of the image
  • Images that have specific objects like buildings or animals may require a custom size, so that you will not lose the important parts of the image by cutting and trimming it.
  • If you decide that you need a custom size, realize that we round to the nearest inch and that you may still have to cut and trim some excess.
  • Rounding Example, 26 1/2” will be rounded to 26” or 27” your preference.
  • We can also flip an image. Example, you want an animal's head, in the image, on the right side of your fridge instead of the left side because your ice maker is in the way or personal preference.
  • We do have a minimal custom fee charge.