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Change the Look of Your Refrigerator in Seconds with A Magnetic Refrigerator Skin

Refrigerator with a beige refrigerator skin matches retro beige oven and range

There are endless unique ways to change the look and feel of your refrigerator with our custom magnetic refrigerator skins, also sometimes referred to as refrigerator cover panels or custom refrigerator wraps.

Whether you’re looking to match your fridge to your existing appliances or decor, create a one-of-a-kind focal point that matches your artistic flair, or simply update your fridge to look newer, you can use one of our magnet covers for your refrigerator to get the job done.

Here are several refrigerator wrap ideas for how to change the look of your refrigerator in seconds with one of our custom refrigerator wraps.

1. The Fridge Facelift

Looking to breathe new life into your old fridge? Whether your refrigerator’s fascia is suffering from rust due to condensation, scratches due to pets or moving, or yellowing due to age, you can give your functioning but dated or cosmetically damaged refrigerator the TLC it deserves by updating it with a facelift in the same color.

2. The Matching Appliances Upgrade

It happens to more people than you might think: you upgrade a kitchen appliance in a color that perhaps you didn’t want because the price was too good to pass up, or supply chain issues or dimensional requirements forced you into a decision. Or, maybe you just upgraded to a color you’ve always wanted but now your appliances are mismatched.

There’s an easy solution. You can change the color of your fridge to match your other appliances without buying a new appliance. All you need is one of our magnet refrigerator skins. You can easily opt for a semi-gloss or black refrigerator wrapping (linked above) if you’re trying to make your fridge match a new white or black appliance.

You can also upgrade to one of our stainless steel refrigerator cover panels. Given the popularity of stainless steel appliances in recent years, this is one of our most popular products!

3. The Mock Overlay Appliance

Stainless steel might be popular but the highest-end custom kitchens utilize overlay appliances. You’ve seen these kitchens on HGTV and in magazines: they utilize built-in appliances with panel overlays that match the cabinetry and other kitchen finishes.

But you’ll shell out major bucks for this kind of setup. Usually, you’ll have to buy a specialized “panel-ready appliance” – which is usually more expensive than standard appliances to begin with. Then, you’ll also need to hire a cabinet designer to the tune of thousands more to make a special custom overlay.

Or, you could skip all of that work and upgrade your current appliance with a refrigerator wrapping that looks like your wooden cabinets. Here are just a few finishes we provide that can get the job done:

Match Your Interior Design Aesthetic

Not looking for an overlay, but rather for something that will better match your overall interior design aesthetic? We’ve got you covered with plenty of options, like our biscuit beige refrigerator magnet skin, which is perfect for Scandinavian interiors, or our colored circle designs refrigerator skin, which makes a perfect addition to a midcentury modern kitchen makeover. The options are endless!

4. The On-Brand Office Fridge


Maybe you’re a car mechanic that offers customers complimentary drinks and snacks. Rather than just having a plain white or black fridge in your office, you might like to call attention to the service you offer customers with an on-brand vintage car refrigerator magnet skin.

Perhaps you’re a day spa providing cold wraps or fresh juices to customers and you’d rather have something that evokes relaxation than an eyesore. You might like our beach sunrise refrigerator magnet skin.

Or perhaps you are a wine and cheese shop or tasting room looking to beautify an old fridge that’s customer-facing. You could easily and affordably purchase our glasses of wine refrigerator magnet skin.

No matter what kind of business you own or operate that utilizes a fridge, you can find a magnet cover for your refrigerator that strategically draws the attention of your customers in a way that’s on-brand for your business.

Final Thoughts

From basic color wraps in traditional fridge colors like black, white, and stainless steel to wraps that match your design aesthetic or cabinets, we offer custom refrigerator wraps for every need and purpose. Feel free to contact us at any point in time with questions about our wraps, we’re here to help!