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Renew Your Scratch and Dent Fridge With a Magnetic Refrigerator Skin


If you find yourself with a scratched, dented, or rusted appliance for any reason, and are thinking “Now what?” – then this blog is for you. In it, you will find three unique use cases of our magnetic refrigerator covers pertaining to covering up any unsightly blemishes, defects, or signs of aging that your fridge may exhibit.

Renew Your Used Appliance Purchase

For many people who are shopping for kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, cost is a major factor in their purchase. In fact, HGTV’s Refrigerator Buying Guide lists cost as a top consideration.

It’s no surprise then, that people are turning more and more to gently-used appliances as well as “scratch and dent appliances”. Many major wholesalers and retailers of appliances even offer entire scratch and dent warehouses.

If you’re one of the many budget-conscious appliance purchasers who are already well aware, and have a scratched or dented fridge on your hands that you want to restore to like-new quality and fit-and-finish, you can easily use one of our fridge coverings to provide an affordable solution to the issues you face – especially scratches.

Our skins cover dings but are designed to be super-thin for a realistic look, therefore they will mold to the impression of dents – more on that later…

Cover Rust on a Preexisting Fridge

Refrigerators use evaporation to cool food, which means that they always involve an element of moisture, by necessity. Over time, this moisture can lead to rust on a refrigerator’s metal surfaces.

While external rust is not necessarily a safety concern, it can be if your home contains babies or pets. Perhaps more pressing for the majority of fridge owners, though, is the ugly eyesore that a fridge becomes when covered in rust.

Either way, if you are faced with rust on your fridge, using one of our magnet skin fridge protectors can cover it up. If the rust is properly cleaned and assuming it’s only surface rust, using our skins could even possibly provide a barrier against further rust by blocking oxygen from the air from reaching the metal of the fridge.

Refresh the Fridge in Your New Home or Apartment

When you buy a home or move to an apartment, certain fixtures will usually be included. While, at least in the cases of home buying, refrigerators are not technically attached to the home, and therefore, the seller reserves the right to take them with them, in many cases, the fridge, realistically speaking, will come with a home.

In apartments, with the exception of a washer and dryer, most other appliances, like the fridge, range, and stove will be included for use in the rental unit during the course of the lease. And apartments and renters alike can be notoriously bad about keeping appliances clean and up-to-date. If it works, it likely won’t be replaced.

So what do you do if you find yourself in the situation of having just spent a bunch of money moving to a new home or apartment that has an old, out-of-date, scratched, or dented refrigerator?

You likely have been Googling “how to cover up dents in my refrigerator” or “How to cover scratches on my refrigerator” and that has led you here. Thankfully, our magnetic refrigerator skins are the ideal way to refresh your new pad’s fridge!

How to Use Our Fridge Skins to Cover Dents, Scratches, or Rust on Your Refrigerator

As our “Product Description and Quick Tips Guide” notes, there are limits to using our skins to cover dents and dings that you should understand. Namely:

  • The magnet skins will hide scratches, scuffs, and reasonable surface rust but they will not smooth over dents or dings. The magnet skins will hug the dents and dings so you would still see them.
  • Many customers who experience dents or dings still can use one of our image-based skins with a busier pattern to effectively provide enough visual distraction to effectively “hide” the dent or ding just like camouflage!
  • You can use our skins over dents to smooth them IF you repair the dent or ding first with metal-safe spackling paste. Let dry, sand smooth, then apply the magnet skin for a smooth solid look.
  • Not sure where to get spackling paste? Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes usually carries it

Other Things to Keep In Mind When Applying Our Skins

  • Note: Do not forcefully try to relax the skin by rolling it Inside out or by bending it backward as this will cause the print or vinyl to stretch and bubble.
  • Note: When working with the magnet skin, keep the work area and the surface of the appliance that it will be applied to, completely free from dirt and dust because the magnet skin will pick it up magnetically and cause imprinting.
  • Note: If imprinting happens, simply remove the magnet skin, clean the magnet skin and appliance surface thoroughly, then reapply.

Shop Our Magnetic Refrigerator Skins

Now that you know some of the ways our fridge skins can be used to hide your fridge’s defects and eyesores, we invite you to shop our refrigerator skins to find the perfect one for your unique taste.