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What Are Magnetic Refrigerator Covers & How Do Our Fridge Covers Work?

Refrigerator with a magnetic refrigerator cover applied

If you’re looking to upgrade the appearance of your refrigerator, then a magnetic refrigerator cover from Best Appliance Skins is the perfect solution. It’s easier – and a whole lot more affordable – to buy one of our magnet covers for your fridge than to buy a whole new appliance.

Still, you may have questions, such as:

  • What exactly is a magnetic refrigerator cover, also sometimes referred to as a “refrigerator cover panel”, “refrigerator skin”, or “refrigerator wrap”?
  • How does using one of our magnet covers for your refrigerator work?

The purpose of this blog is to help you find out answers to these common questions we get about our magnetic fridge wraps, so keep reading to find the answers you seek!

What is a Magnetic Refrigerator Cover?

At its most basic level, a magnetic refrigerator cover is a magnetized sheet skin cover that is designed to provide full, even coverage of the entire front, side of your fridge or both. We make two types of refrigerator covers:

  1. Magnetic Refrigerator Door Covers: These covers are designed to cover the front surface of your refrigerator. Since the front is always visible, these are one of our top types of refrigerator covers!
  2. Magnetic Refrigerator Side Covers: These covers are designed to cover the side surfaces of your refrigerator. They are especially useful if the sides of your refrigerator aren’t hidden and you’d like to update them in any way.

Our magnetic refrigerator covers here at Best Appliance Skins are designed to give your fridge an instant makeover by changing its look and ambiance. This in turn can help you liven up the look of your kitchen as a whole!

How Our Magnetic Refrigerator Covers Differ from Vinyl “Peel & Stick” Options

Our whole sheet refrigerator magnets work very differently than cheap “peel & stick”, vinyl films that you might be able to find at your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart:

  • Our magnet skins are easier to apply because they’re magnetic. Most cheap decal stickers along with “peel and stick” options are adhesive, which means you only get one try to apply them. Peel and stick options also bubble up during application, meaning they’re the opposite of user-friendly, unlike our product.
  • In contrast, our fridge magnets are simple to use and you can always try again if you don’t get them lined up correctly, on the fridge the first time! Plus they’re removable if you ever need to take them off for any reason.
  • Our magnetic fridge covers are credit-card thin, easy to cut, and lay flat and smooth for a realistic look on any fridge. Paper thin, vinyl peel and stick options allow for any fridge with texture to show through the vinyl when applied. However, our magnetic fridge covers have a bit of thickness (about credit card thin but thicker when compared to a vinyl sticker) providing for a superior finish and fit on any fridge or appliance..
  • They come with one page of easy instructions to follow so installing is a cinch.
  • To provide you with the highest quality in material and workmanship we produce our magnetic cover skins right here in the U.S.A.

How Do Our Magnetic Refrigerator Wraps Work?

Now you know more about what our magnetic fridge covers are, but how do they work, and what do they do?

Many people use our refrigerator wraps to make the front and sides of their fridge match if they don’t already. Others prefer to buy a different custom fridge cover for every Holiday to match their festive decor. Still, others are looking to add a unique modern touch to their kitchen.

Whatever motivates you to look for a refrigerator wrap, the bottom line is that if you aren’t happy with the way your fridge looks or feels in your kitchen right now, one of our magnetic refrigerator covers could be the ideal way for you to transform your fridge into however you want it to look!

With that in mind, our fridge covers come in various designs to meet your unique needs including the following.

In Conclusion

Wrapping things up (pun intended), the way our covers work, they provide:

  • An instant solution to your aesthetic fridge makeover needs
  • An easy option compared to peel and stick options which are difficult to install
  • An affordable way to make your fridge more modern without spending thousands of dollars on a new refrigerator

Ready to learn more? Contact us anytime; we’re here to help you transform your fridge your way!