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Collection: Solid-Colored Magnetic Refrigerator Covers

Choose From a variety of solid-colored magnetic refrigerator covers to Change the Shade of Your Fridge without Buying a New One.
Our magnetic Colored Fridge Fronts Will Give Your Kitchen a New Modern Look.
These solid-colored magnetic refrigerator covers wrap the entire refrigerator to match room decor colors & other colored kitchen appliances. You can even hide those unsightly, gray fridge side panels & black fridge side panels to better blend with overall color schemes.
Also, our magnetic fridge skins are a great solution for matching fridge fronts that have different colored fridge side panels as many brands do, including the popular cafe fridge brand.
Remember too, that our easy to apply magnetic skins are the best choice to replace those hard to install fridge side panel end kits.
A Do It Yourself, Fridge Appliance Color Update, Made Simple, Fast & Easy with Our Colored, Magnetic Fridge Panel Wraps.
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